JK Pro Aviar-X Disc Golf

JK Pro Aviar-X Disc Golf
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Disc Golf aviar x

This is a very rare ALL NEW RUN blue JK Aviar-X's have an awesome feel to them that is umatched! THIS NEW RUN HAS THE FLIGHT #'S PRINTED ON THE AND ARE WAY MORE GUMMY! LIKE THE OLD 3X AND 4X RUNS!!!

From innova:

Speed 3 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1More Fade More Speed More Turn or Glide Less Speed

Classification: Putt & Approach Disc
Diameter: 21.2 cm
Weight Range: 160 to 175 grams
Brief Description: Made from the Aviar driver mold. It is more flexible and grippier than other Aviar models. Like all Aviars, it is perfect for driving, approaching and putting.
Available Plastics: DX, Classic (Stiff), KC Pro, JK Pro, Pro, Champion, Star
Best Choice for: putting, short to medium drives, accuracy approaches, beginners.

About the JK Pro Aviar-X
The JK (Juliana Korver) Aviar is made from the driver mold in a special blend of durable Pro-line Plastic that is more flexible and grippier than the other Aviar models. It has the same flight characteristics as the KC Aviar. Its softer plastic is better in colder climates and for those who have dry hands and require a tackier grip.

About INNOVA's Pro Line Plastic
INNOVA’S Pro Line is manufactured using a special blend of plastics and are designed to provide unique qualities for each available model. These quality discs offer increased durability over discs made in our DX plastic and provide an enhanced grip when compared to the Champion plastic. Our Pro Line of discs provide additional glide when compared to all our other disc lines and are more affordable than our premium Champion Line discs. The special blends of our Pro Line plastic can produce discs in a wide range of rigidity, from the extremely soft and flexible Pro Rhyno or JK Aviar to the stiff, firm plastic of the KC Pro Aviar. Regardless of the firmness of the disc, all of the INNOVA Pro Line models offer unique gripablity. Many Pro Line discs are also available in colorful I-Dye designs. Some models are now available for custom hot stamping.

DX - 150 class to 175 grams
KC PRO - 160 to 175 grams
JK PRO - 160 to 175 grams
R-PRO - 155 to 175 grams
GLOW - as available
CLASSIC - 150 class to 175 grams
CHAMPION - 150 class to 175 grams
STAR - 150 class to 175 grams

Also available for custom hotstamping in: DX, Pro, Star

Full Color designs available in DX plastic. Custom Full Color stamping also available.

Speed - Speed is the ability of the disc to cut through the air. Speed ratings are listed from 1 to 13. For more info on Speed, click here.

Glide - Is the ability to maintain altitude. Higher numbers mean more glide. Rated 1 to 7. For more on Glide, click here.

Turn - Tendency to turn at high speeds. Negative numbers are easier for beginners, rollers, and tailwinds. For more on Turn, click here.
Fade - Every disc will fade off in the same direction if allowed to decelerate. Higher numbers fade more than lower numbers. For more on Fade, click here.

Looking for:
More fade? Try a KC Pro Aviar or DX Rhyno.
Faster? Try a Hydra or Champion Coyote.
Slower? Try a Polecat.
Added durability? Try a KC Pro Aviar, Champion Aviar, or Star Aviar.
Other Speed 3 discs? Rhyno, Aviar P&A, KC Pro Aviar, Pro Aviar, Classic Aviar, Champion Aviar, Classic Roc, Aero, XD.

This is my putter, but I think the real strength of this disc shines when it is thrown as a driver. I use this disc for drives and midrange shots between 240 ft and 150 ft. I will often use it on shorter upshots as well, but feel quite confident with it when throwing it hard. I really like this disc for short sidearm shots as well.
5 time Women’s World Champion - Juliana Korver

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