Mach Lite™ Portable Practice Disc Golf Basket

M-14 Disc Golf Practice Basket

The next generation of portable disc golf targets. The Mach Lite™ is the ultimate Portable Disc Golf Target ready to go when you are. The Mach Lite™ is the highest quality portable basket on the market from a name you can trust, Disc Golf Association (DGA).
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Features: PDGA Approved. Portable Disc Golf Target with folding top, basket and base. Sturdy steel frame supports 16 heavy duty catching chains with patented sliding links and a brand new chain configuration. Durable carrying bag with shoulder strap for easy storage and transportation. Set up instructions, one year warranty, registration and DGA® sticker included in box. Instructions on how to play Disc Golf, Around Nine and the Target Game also included.



Colors: Blue, Red

Mach Lite parctice basket loop.The Mach Lite™ is compact, light weight and made with the highest quality materials available. It comes standard with a high quality and stylish carrying bag with shoulder strap for storing and transporting. The DGA Mach Lite™ is a full size collapsible Disc Golf target that has a folding upper chain assembly, folding basket and folding support base.

Our new Mach Lite™ has patented sliding link technology and an all new 16 chain configuration that sports the same catching area as a tournament style Disc Pole Holeâ„¢. The Mach Lite's unique 16 chain configuration catches discs as well as a Disc Pole Holeâ„¢ with much more chain. The outer chains utilize our patented sliding links to help catch a disc and the inner chains attach below the basket support ribs to make the disc rebound into the basket locking the chain from riding up the pole.


M-14 paractice basket assembly button close-up.


M-14 paractice basket patented sliding link close up


M-14 paractice basket trapper basket close up.

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POLE (52 in. ) - 1 1/4 in. O.D. Silver zinc plating.

POLE AND CHAIN ASSEMBLYS- The top pole holds the collapsible chain holder assembly. The top pole has one end sweadged to fit the bottom pole. 8 outer chains attached by sliding links and, 8 midway chain featuring Reflex™ Chain Assembly technology.

CHAIN ASSEMBLY - 1/4 inch steel rod construction, riveted collapsible chain holder assembly held open by a central gravity latch. The lower pole holds the collapsible basket assembly. Collapsible chain holder features 8 strands of outer chain attached by patented sliding links and 8 strands of inner chain attached by patent pending Reflex™Assembly technology. Hand sown nylon canopy cover.

BASKET ASSEMBLY - 1/4 inch steel rod construction, riveted collapsible basket . Hand sown basket cover.


Open the portable base:
Position the portable base on level ground and open.

Join the pole assembly together:
One pole has the the chain assembly attached to it and the other pole has the basket assembly attached. Making sure chain is not tangled insert the two poles together then cut ties holding the separate bunches of chain.

Press spring loaded button down and align the spring loaded button with the locking hole on the other pole and sliding poles together until the button locks. (Be careful not to pinch fingers when fitting parts together).

Place the Mach LIte pole into the portable base pressing the spring loaded button down, aligning the button and the locking hole in the portable base.

Open the basket:
Pull the locking assembly pin out of the pole and baskets closed position. Push the center of the bottom of the basket up the pole all the way. *Please note that the material on new baskets can be very tight at first but will loosen up over time.

Push the assembly pin through the locking-holes to keep the basket locked open. Pull basket adjustment string to make basket rim rigid if necessary.

Open the chain holder:
Push up on the chain assembly's movable collar like and umbrella until the triangle hook engages. *Please note that the material on new baskets can be very tight at first but will loosen up over time. If you are having trouble opening make sure no chain links are catching on the basket and that the chain is not tangled.

Collapsing the Mach Lite:
Reverse the steps listed above.
*If a new basket is hard to close after removing the locking pin, push down on the inside of the baskets center at the inside bottom.

With the basket fully closed, place the assembly pin through the locking holes at the bottom basket and the pole.

Using the carrying bag:
With the basket and chain holder closed and with the Mach Light still standing on the base, slide the carrying bag over the Mach Lite. Turn the bagged Mach Lite over, fold and remove the folding base in the carrying bags side pouch, securing the base by pulling Velcro belt tight.