1st run 1.1 Aurora MF

1st run 1.1 Aurora MF
Brand: Millennium
Product Code: AURORA-N004W
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Very rare, NEW mint condition, 1st run Aurora MF 1.1 at 176 grams in white with a blue and magenta stamp! Ontario mold.


What Millennium says:
The Aurora MF (Midrange Fade) is a great in the wind driver. High Performance with a reliable fade (left for right handers). Outstanding predictability and durability.

The Aurora MF is a slightly overstable midrange disc. Let me get it off my chest right now and say that this isn't really a "fade" disc as Millennium would indicate. It feels quite similar to an Aurora MS in the hand and it flies with a similar speed. Stabilitywise, it's somewhere between an Aurora MS or Shark and an MRV or lighter Roc. Fadewise I compare it to a KC Roc or KC Aviar, it's there, just not one of its defining characteristics. I imagine the Aurora MF probably flies like a beadless Roc would fly. It is actually quite a straight flying disc with a bit of fade at the end of it and it's not overstable enough to handle a headwind. I can see a use for this disc on mid throws that need to go straight with a slight left at the end but then again, that's what I use my roc for. Now that these have been discontinued they might not be worth tracking down en masse. This disc is quite beginner friendly, but I would probably pass on it in favor of an Aurora MS or Shark for top beginner midranges. I do find the Sentinel MF to be quite overstable and I can see why it has replaced the Aurora MF.


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