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Star Sidewinder Disc Golf
Used Star Sidewinder at 165 grams. Look below for flight details from ht..
Ex Tax: $7.89
150 Shark
New Shark at 150 grams! From the Innova website:
Ex Tax: $5.89
Rare older Soft Shark
Lightly used, Rare older Soft Shark at 147 grams with no ink. From the Innova website: ht..
Ex Tax: $10.99
Lucid Renegade
Very lighty used, Like New, Lucid Renegade at 172 grams with no ink.     ..
Ex Tax: $12.99
Very lighty used Lucid Renegade at 1 grams with ink.     The Reneg..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Gold Line Bolt
Very lightly used Gold line Bolt in a sweet redish copper color at 173 grams! The fligh..
Ex Tax: $10.99
Elite Z Avenger
Very lightly used old stamp Elite Z Avenger at 170 grams with no ink and a thorn in rim. Flig..
Ex Tax: $7.99
JLS Disc Golf
Lightly used JLS run 1.26 at 150 grams with no ink. From Millinnium's website ..
Ex Tax: $4.99
Valkyrie Disc Golf
Lightly used DX Valkyrie at 164 grams with no ink. Pre flight numbers. Look below for flight ..
Ex Tax: $3.99
Gold Line Villain
Very lightly used Gold Line Villain at 173 grams! Villain is an overstable driver designed..
Ex Tax: $10.99
Used DX Valkyrie at 166 grams with no ink. Look below for flight details from
Ex Tax: $3.99
5X Champion Valkyrie
Used 5X Champion Valkyrie at 168 grams with ink. Look below for flight details from innovadis..
Ex Tax: $6.99
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