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Champion Mamba
Very lighty used Champion Mamba at 175 grams. Diameter: 21.2cm Available ..
Ex Tax: $7.99
Glo Elite Z Avenger SS
Very lightly used Glo Elite Z Avenger SS at 166 grams with no ink. Flight details below from ..
Ex Tax: $8.99
Elite Z Crank
Very lightly used Elite Z Crank at 166 grams. The flight #'s for the Crank are ; Speed 13, Gl..
Ex Tax: $8.49
Champion Sidewinder Disc Golf
Lightly used Champion Sidewinder at 168 grams. Look below for flight details from innovadiscs..
Ex Tax: $7.49
Star Roadrunner Disc Golf
Very lightly used, LIKE NEW, Star Roadrunner at 175 grams with no ink. Look below for flight ..
Ex Tax: $8.99
Elite Z Flash Disc Golf
Lightly used Elite Z Flash at 172 grams. Flight details below from http://w..
Ex Tax: $6.99
Westside Tournament Hatchet
Very lightly used, like new, Tournament plastic Westide Discs Hatchet at 167 grams! Here is ..
Ex Tax: $8.99
Walled Lake MI 1993 Cyclone
Very rare lightly used OLD Walled Lake MI 1993 Cyclone at 176 grams! Flight details below fro..
Ex Tax: $10.49
Elite Z Avenger SS Disc Golf
Used Elite Z Avenger SS at 172 grams with ink. Flight details below from ht..
Ex Tax: $6.99
New Latitude 64 Opto Hex Missilen
Missilen (The Missile, in Swedish) is a project that Latitude 64° has been working on for..
Ex Tax: $9.99
Very Rare " The Ace " Vintage Innova
This is a very rare old school Ace midrange driver at 172 grams in used but fair condition for it..
Ex Tax: $14.99
Pro Beast Disc Golf
Used Pro Beast at 172 grams with some damage to the rim. Look below for flight info from inno..
Ex Tax: $3.99
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