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ESP FLX Predator Disc Golf
Lightly used Discraft FLX ESP Predator at 171 grams. From the Discraft website: http://ww..
Ex Tax: $7.99
Rare 2006 Elite Z Talon
Very lightly used, like new, 2006 custom stamp Discraft Elite Z Talon at 172 grams. The Talon..
Ex Tax: $19.99
Elite X Talon Disc Golf
Used Discraft Elite X Talon at 166 grams. The Talon was discontinued in 2007! Flight deta..
Ex Tax: $17.99
Pre flight #s Pro Beast
Rare used Pre flight #s Pro Beast at 175 grams with ink. Look below for flight info from inno..
Ex Tax: $9.99
Glitter SP Line Tsunami
New Glitter SP Line Tsunami at 169 grams. From the DGA website: http://www.discgolfassoc...
Ex Tax: $10.99
LS Polaris Disc Golf
Lightly used Millennium LS Polaris 1.20 at 162 grams with ink. From Millennium's website: ..
Ex Tax: $5.99
Pro Starfire Disc Golf
Very lightly used, Like New, Pro Starfire at 175 grams. Flight info below from
Ex Tax: $5.99
First Flight Hellfire
Brand new golden First Flight Hellfire at 174 grams! Here's what DGA has to say about the Hel..
Ex Tax: $14.49
First Flight Hellfire
Brand new First Flight Hellfire at 169 grams! Here's what DGA has to say about the Hellfire: ..
Ex Tax: $13.49
Rare 1994 Innova Soft Polecat
New old stock Rare 1994 Innova 1st run Soft Polecat 170 grams! Super soft and gritty plastic like..
Ex Tax: $64.99
Elite X Avenger Disc Golf
Lightly used Elite X Avenger at 172 grams with ink. Flight details below from : ..
Ex Tax: $6.99
6 pack Disc Golf Starter set
For sale is a used set of 6 starter disc golf disc with a mix of drivers and midrange discs. All ..
Ex Tax: $23.99
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